Bashkir State Medical University

Bashkir State Medical University (BSMU) was founded on March 25, 1932, by the Decree of the council of people's commissars of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic.

  • Bashkir State Medical University is the oldest leading medical university in Russia. Bashkir State Medical University is ranked among the 10 best Russian Medical Universities.

  • For its low-cost tuition fee structure and easy admission process, Bashkir State Medical University becoming popular among international students for medical studies.

Thanks to access to unique technologies, students can successfully pursue research in various fields. SUSU is a dynamic university which keeps attracting highly skilled specialists, building up its research potential and improving the quality of education. The education provided is of the highest standards by highly qualified professors. There are hostels for international students along with platforms for cultural and extracurricular activities. There are facilities for the students to unwind and destress. The majority of attention is paid to fulfilling the purpose of practical knowledge and skills under well-managed conditions along with proper technology. They have the best laboratories in which the students learn, grow, and develop themselves.

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