Management Courses

Due to the expansion of large and small industries over the past two decades, the demand for qualified managers has skyrocketed. A management degree increases the chances of being selected by a top company and reaching heights of success. Choosing the right management course can be a determining factor in your future success or failure. With so many types of management courses available, it can be difficult to determine which is best for you. However, when choosing a course, it is more important to consider your aptitude for the subject than its popularity. Below are some of the courses in Management.


Management UG Courses

  • BBA, With ACCA/CMA
  • BBA (Foreign Trade) - International Trade Negotiations
  • BBA (Foreign Trade) - Regional Economic Integration
  • BBA (Oil and Gas Marketing) - Petroleum Business
  • BBA (Oil and Gas Marketing) - Oil and Gas Operations
  • BBA (Green Energy and Sustainability) - Green Energy Business
  • BBA (Green Energy and Sustainability) - Sustainable Development
  • BBA - Marketing Management
  • BBA - Finance Management
  • BBA - Human Resource
  • BBA - Operations Management
  • BBA (Analytics and Big Data) - Programming for Analytics
  • BBA (Analytics and Big Data) - Big Data Analytics and Mining
  • BBA (Digital Business) - Digital Media Laws
  • BBA (Digital Business) - Digital Marketing

Management PG Courses

  • MBA Management courses
  • MBA (Information System Management
  • MBA (Business Analytics in collaboration with KPMG) - Data Mining
  • MBA (Business Analytics in collaboration with KPMG) - Energy Analytics
  • MBA (Digital Business) - Search Engine Optimization
  • MBA (Digital Business) - Web Design and Development
  • MBA - Human Resource
  • MBA - Operations Management
  • MBA - Finance Management
  • MBA - Marketing Management
  • MBA (Start Up & Entrepreneurship) - Incubators & Accelerator
  • MBA (Start Up & Entrepreneurship) - Business Innovation
  • MBA (Global Program) 1+1, 1 Year in India + 1 Year in Overseas University
  • MBA (Strategy & Consulting in collaboration with MNC ) - Business Innovation and Leadership
  • MBA (Strategy & Consulting in collaboration with MNC) - Emerging Strategies in New Economies
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